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 Recruitment tips

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PostSubject: Recruitment tips   Recruitment tips Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 5:39 am

I have a tip to recruitment section. We should add some questions there like:

1. Why u wan't to join iCe?
2. Say something about yourself.

Also any recruiter should msg on MSN all members of council including Amore and sPunk and duel and talk with them. After that all members should make opininion about recruiter.

I think that will make recruitment much more better than now because we have about 20 recruiters in iCe and I even don't know much of them..

I know how play sal, archangel, spunk, amore, Jake, lenny.. and thats all..

From now on i wan't all recruiters to msg me on MSN (i don't give a shit if they don't have MSN, i didn't have one too and i installed it- this is not hard to do and it's take a few minuts of work)
Okay i think thats all from me.. IF someone want's to join iCe he should work for it.
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Recruitment tips
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