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PostSubject: Read this PLZ   Read this PLZ Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2008 11:49 pm

Guys i know all goes wrong in the last time, anyways i still like you guys ill hope you know that i wont miss the time here it was a great time allmost all what happen in the years i was playing was great.

See it like that : If you get trouble dont be mad bout it cause you get more expirience and anyways the trouble will end anytime and then all is be fine again.

Amore: i know i said lot shit and i know i was pretty respectless but i said it not without a reason.
anways i tell you im sry bout it if you reject it ok anyways i did all bout it to clear this one.

Trust me the life is too quit to stay in trouble forever and anyways you guys know trouble sux nobody need it.
I want to stay in peace with you guys cause NOW imma know everythink what happen is a part of this game everyone of ya
and this game is a part of everyone of us.

we should stay as friends not as enemys.

amore ill hope you can forget anytime what happen cause im sad that your still mad on me.
Ask everyone who knows me normally i would never talk to the person again who i had trouble but now im totally changed im not the same shad like before i understand its wrong to reject when someone is sry.
Cause sry means he understand he did a fauld!

Anyways nobody shouldnt be too fine for hisself to say sry.
A trouble needs 2 persons at all.
and in this trouble we had we were 3.
you me and spunk!

the whole trouble was bout me and spunk.
noz bout you.

me and spunk did both faulds cause we get too mad we both was like noobs in this way.
anyways we cleard our probs.

now imma want to clear it with you too cause i know your a good person amore.
Nobody is perfect not me, not spunk and not you. almost nobody!

you know you did a fauld too cause you came into it.. the best is to stay out of every trouble.
anyways it happen and we cannot change it but we can talk about it and clear it thats the way of inteligence humans and the way everythink should run!

we are not premitive dont we?
you see what happen to the world = war and all this stuff.
why does that happen?? cause our politic is wrong at all.
when trouble comes up they talk BUT they dont clear it at all everyone think hes right and thats wrong they should start to search by theirself as first who the fauld did.
like i did.

lets end this amore the time we had was too great to leave it go like that .. in trouble.
we should start again thats the best and im sure everyone will agree.
and i dont even think that anyone says im wrong with that what i said, anyways stay fine plz reply this post.

to all others peace up guys =)

your shad
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Read this PLZ
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